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Backflow Testing, Inspection, and Assembly Repair in Dallas Garland TX

To schedule a test
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Welcome To Backflow Services

We are a backflow service company with over 5 Years of extensive experience in Testing, Repair, and Installation of Backflow Preventers in Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Garland, Dallas, Texas.

Company lead by Sanjay Chandrahas, who has engineering degree background and having multiple licenses. Sanjay main focus is to provide top quality for clients, he make sure that client is 100% satisfy with his work.

When you call, email, or text for service, you are communicating directly with the backflow certified inspector. We believe in providing best services at very reasonable price.

We understand that your compliance issue needs to be addressed on your schedule and our business is focused on making that happen.

We are team of testers and schedule all work on weekly basis on first come first serve basis, we are ready to adjust our priority if you have some emergency and need to be done on urgent basis.

Fire Pump Services

  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Maintenance and repair
  • Fire Pump Testing, Maintenance and repair
  • Fire Pump Laser Alignment Check
  • Fire Pump Laser Alignment
  • Fire Alarm Testing
Fire Pump Testing


Fire protection sprinkler system service and installation are important for safety and security. Fire sprinklers are designed to help control and contain fires, helping to reduce the risk of property damage and injury. Regular maintenance and service of the fire sprinkler system are essential to ensure that the system is in good working condition and all parts are functioning properly. Additionally, professional installation of the system is important to ensure that it is correctly installed and all components are correctly connected.

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SCR-G is a type of fire protection sprinkler system. SCR G is a type of dry-pipe sprinkler system which is designed to detect and control fires in a low-temperature environment. SCR G sprinkler systems are typically used in warehouses, cold storage facilities, and other areas where the temperature may drop below a certain point. The sprinkler system works by automatically releasing water when the temperature drops below a certain threshold, helping to control and contain the fire.

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